Top 11 Adobe competitors and Alternatives

Adobe competitors and Alternatives

Adobe is a California-based computer software company that offers digital products adding creativity and multimedia technologies.

The products are widely popular for various digital activities ranging from Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat Reader, Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, and many more. 

Invented by Charles Geschke and John Warnock in 1982, Adobe has reached an elevated range of success where the firm provides extensive and satisfying digital media, digital experience, and publishing. As of 2019, the company generated $11.17 billion in revenue with the aid of 22,634 employees.

Adobe Competitor’s List


  • Year founded: 1975
  • Headquarter: Redmond, Washington

Launched by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft evolved into a major rival of Adobe in terms of designing and marketing various digital software to consumers.

The product line also includes consumer electronics and personal computers, which received significant popularity worldwide.

Microsoft has expanded its product portfolio beyond the operating system business to become one of the world’s top technology corporations.

It made $125.8 billion in revenue in 2019. It employs 144,000 people. This is how both Adobe and Microsoft defeat each other in the international market.


  • Year founded: 1998
  • Headquarter: Mountain View, California

Sergey Brin and Larry Page introduced the world to the magical gear of the web and made the biggest rival of Adobe company – Google – in 1998.

After commercializing the company, Google and Alphabet became associates, focusing on web-related creations and services like search engines, and digital advertising platforms, including cloud computing, software, and hardware.

In 2019, Google was reported to make a profit of $162 billion dollars and employed over 120,949 for the company. Unlike any other company, better say Adobe, Google will luckily offer many amenities and earn more in the foreseeable future. 


  • Year founded: 1982
  • Headquarter: San Rafael, California

Autodesk is a United States-based multinational software corporation located in San Rafael, California, which creates and vends software services to distinct sectors.

From architecture, construction, engineering, education, and media to entertainment – Autodesk has its spread contribution in mentioned areas.

Basically, known for its AutoCAD, which creates architectural plans and blueprints, the company has created a number of software tools utilized in various disciplines.

It’s a John Walker’s firm founded in 1982 that successfully makes the business of $2.57 billion with the help of the entire Autodesk team consisting of 9,600 individuals.


  • Year founded: 1999
  • Headquarter: San Francisco, California

Being a top-rated software business, Salesforce operates in the Software As A Service (SaaS) sector worldwide.

In 1999, Dave Moellenhoff, Marc Benioff, Frank Dominguez, and Parker Harris started Salesforce in San Francisco, California. Later, the small firm became one of its prominent competitors of Adobe in the global market.

The company generally offers CRM services and software to improve sales, marketing, commerce, and customer care delivery for enterprises.

Currently, the corporation encounters a $13.2 billion revenue turnover or perhaps more annually and has 35,000 employees working for the firm religiously. 


  • Year founded: 1977
  • Headquarter: Santa Clara, CA

Located in Walldorf, the Germany-based company SAP is one of the strong rivals of Adobe company.

It is an acronym that stands for System Analysis and Program Development, commercialized by Hasso Plattner, Klaus Tschira, Dietmar Hopp, Claus Wellenreuther, and Hans-Werner Hector.

The company highly focus on developing enterprise software since 1972. Their solutions allow enterprises to integrate all business functions and operate data in real time. Recently, with over 440,000 customers in over 180 countries, SAP generates billions of revenues each year.


  • Year founded: 2011
  • Headquarter: Redwood City, California

Instituted in 1977 by Ed Oates, Bob Miner, and Larry Ellison, Oracle is a Software Development laboratory based in Santa Clara, California. Later, the firm relocated to Redwood City, California, and was renamed Relational Software Inc.

before becoming Oracle in 1982. It’s an American company with a global presence and specialization in enterprise software solutions, database technology and software, and cloud-designed systems.

It’s the second-best software designing firm with a robust workforce of 136,000 people. The firm also makes a profit of approx. 39.5 billion


  • Year founded: 1911
  • Headquarter: Endicott, NY

IBM is a well-popular computer and technology-based company with a multinational existence.

Established by Herman Hollerith, IBM began growing and outstretching its innovations like computer software, hardware, and middleware in the late 1800s, catering to comprehensive coverage of consumers. Later, the company redirected its watchword and name to C-T-R (Computing, Tabulating & Recording Company).

Originating in the early 1950s, the organization started offering consultation and host services in industries, including nanotechnology and mainframe computers and rose to the top of the sector within a short period. 


  • Year founded: 2010
  • Headquarter: Israel

Founded in 2010, Glassbox is a software company based in Israel, having a corporate headquarter in London, United Kingdom.

The company has raised US$32.5 million of capital funding by the initiative of its founders – Yoav Schreiber, Yaron Guetta, and Hanan Blumstein. However, in 2020, Glassbox company raised US$40 million in series C funding and developed its rival SessionsCam.

This private company is a great competitor of Adobe firm in terms of software development and design. 


  • Year founded: 2003
  • Headquarter: New York, NY

Shutterstock is another biggest competitor of Adobe software that was founded in 2003, exactly 19 years ago.

Founded by Jon Oringer, this company has been commercially released from its headquarters in New York City, the U.S. It’s an American company providing a series of stock footage, stock photos, stock music, and editing tools.

The firm maintains an extensive library of roughly 200 million royalty-free stock photos. The company currently has 700 employees working under Shutterstock and offering stock multimedia across the world. 

Getty Images

  • Year founded: 1995
  • Headquarter: Seattle, WA

Another biggest rival of Adobe is Getty Images – a British-American visual media company. It provides and supplies stock photos and imagery collections for graphic design, advertising, and other media purposes like print and online publishing.

The journey of Getty Images started in 1995 by Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein from Seattle, Washington, the U.S. Presently, Getty Images company holds 3 more subsidiaries – iStock, Unsplash, and with global demand. 

Adobe Alternatives

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