10+ Adobe After Effects Alternatives You Should Know About

Adobe After Effects is a segment of the Adobe systems incorporated and is a software widely favored by creators all around the globe. Adobe Systems has headquarters in San Jose, California.

Year Founded: 1949
Headquarters: Roseland, New Jersey, United States

Adobe after effects is a visual effect, motion graphics, and integrating application developed by Adobe systems after Effects provides services in the streams of motions, graphics, aesthetics, audio-video editing, media transcoder, animation, etc.

The tool is designed to cater to professional video editors and cinematographers. Adobe after effects is a complete package video editing solution.

List of Best Adobe After Effects Alternatives


Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Natron is a free compositing application. Natron supports a range of plugins and has four operating systems: Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, and Windows. It is a node-based software. To run this software, you need low-power hardware.

A 64 bits processor and 3 GB RAM are sufficient to support this software. Natron supports alpha compositing software, multi-core architectures, various image formats, color management, etc.

You get to work with tools like paint, additional effects, curve editor, dope sheet, and stereoscopic 3D, to name a few. 


Year Founded: 1993
Headquarters: London

Another node-based application that specializes in visual effects. Editors use Nuke for post-production work in films. Nuke is supported by various significant operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

It is compositing software first developed by Digital Domain; later, it was sold to Foundry, who made more technological advances. Nuke has many significant users, like Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Pictures Animations, and Blizzard Entertainment, to name a few.

You can also do VFX editing and management at Nuke. It offers commendable service in polishing edits, compositing, power, performance, speed, and efficiency.


Year Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Aberdeen, United Kingdom


It is the software of Apple Inc. It operates on macOS 11.5.1 operating system. It is one of the top applications filmmakers and editors use for video and film production. It makes motion graphics and video production easy for professionals.

The new motion version incorporated various features like vector paint and 3D compositing. Motion is a good alternative for animation projects. In real-time, you can add particle effects, filters, and animations in Motion.

It supports 2D and 3D compositing in more than one plane. The motion also has some in-built behaviors that help create realistic animations. Motion’s effects are one of the best in the industry. The software has a ‘heads-up-display’ option that allows users to make quick adjustments. 

Have a look at the top Adobe competitors.

VSDC Free Video Editor

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia

Flash-Integro LLC developed VSDC free video editor. Its operating system is Windows, and the application is available in 13 languages. It is a non-linear editing application. VSDC is used to create VR 360-degree, 3D, and 4K UHD videos.

You can also do motion tracking, color correction, and post-cinematography effects using VSDC. Media files made using this application support sharing through various social media platforms. 

It runs on windows and allows easy operation of video, audio, action cameras, professional cameras, and drones. VSDC incorporates many basic and advanced video editing features.

Its basic features include a built-in voice and screen recorder, video converter, text editor, in-painting mask modes, DeLogo filter, slideshow wizard, text effects, speed change, video stabilization, resizing, cutting tools, etc.

Some advanced post-production features include motion tracking, color correction, mask tool, blending, and video effects. 

Boris Red

Year Founded: 1995
Headquarters: Boston, United States

The company collaborates with Apple, Sony editing systems, Media 100, Avid, and Adobe creative suite. It’s a non-linear editing software with 3D compositing, titling, and effects features. The software gives special attention to effects creation and rendering.

More than 40 filters are included in the Boris Red application, providing users with helpful tools like image restoration services, noise reduction, tone fixer, pixel fixer, etc. Boris Red also gives access to particle effects, lens shape, lens transition, swish pan, and painterly effects.


Year Founded: 1994
Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Blender is a free, non-paid tool used to make the same 3D computer graphics. The application works on eight operating systems. Linux, macOS, and Windows are more famously used.

The blender foundation founded Blender, specializing in creating visual effects, motion graphics, 3D applications, video games, animated films, etc. Blender offers numerous features like modeling, modifiers, sculpting, geometry nodes, fluid simulation, cloth simulation, animation, rendering, texturing and shading, post-production, plugins, file format, export, and import.

Previously, Blender has been used in the industry by VFX company Makuta VFX, Warner Bros. Animation, Netflix, film Wolfwalkers, and various other films.

HitFilm Pro

Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Norwich, United Kingdom


One of the best professional video editing applications available online. HitFilm Pro is free to use on Macbook or Personal Computer. It’s an advanced editor and compositing tool. Movies can be edited, and you can apply special effects to them using HitFilm Pro.

The user interface is divided; therefore, it becomes a good application for beginners and amateurs. The separated interface helps them work on different editing components without intermixing everything and making the process more complex.

The software provides other features like media import, preview, clip insertion, clip components, keyframe control, audio control, etc. HitFilm Pro’s USP is its visual effects. It offers hundreds of different effects and supports 3D graphic work. 

Filmora Pro 

Year Founded: 2015
Headquarters: China

Filmora Pro is a non-linear editing tool. It is a video editing tool and is best run on Windows. Many video creators create impressive videos using Filmora Pro. The application features various in-built features, and video creation becomes a few steps. It has instant templates and plugin effects.

Editing functions like keyframing, motion tracking, speed ramping, split screen, and green screen are also permissible. Audio Visualizer, auto beat sync, auto synchronization, and silence detection are some of the few tools available in Filmora Pro that make your audio stand out.

Filmora Video Editor offers editing options like screen recorder, auto reframe, color match, and color correction. There are fantastic tools on this application that enhance your workflow.

Blackmagic Fusion

Year Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Blackmagic Fusion is operatable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It offers 2D and 3D animation compositing and allows the import of 3D models. It is an advanced application best used by professionals.

Blackmagic fusion is used for digital compositing and graphic effects in TVs, movies, and films. The application uses a node-based interface for editors.

Blackmagic fusion was used in numerous films. Some include Titanic, Hunger Games, The Matrix, Twilight, Underworld, Game of Thrones, Captain America, Thor, and other notable films. 

Adobe After Effects Alternatives

FAQs for Adobe After Effects alternative

Which is the best Adobe After Effects alternative? 

The most used Adobe After Effects alternative is Natron. 

Which is the best Adobe After Effects feature?

Adobe After Effects is most sought after because of its latest features, which include multi-frame rendering, speculative preview, and composition profiler. 

Adobe After Effects has been used in which films?

Adobe After Effects has been used to edit films like Sin City, Iron Man, Sky Captain, World of Tomorrow, etc.

How much does getting Adobe After Effects cost individuals? 

It can cost up to $ 31.49 a month. 

Should a beginner buy Adobe After Effects? 

Adobe After Effects is an extended and enhanced program that takes years to learn correctly. Beginners can start their editing journey with Adobe Photoshop and, with proper guidance, can further level up to learn Adobe After Effects. 

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