How To Acquire Customers Through Social Media: 17 Ways

In the era of the Internet, social media marketing is an important marketing strategy for almost every big and small company and also for startups to promote their products and attract a large customer. 

Nowadays, as people spend most of their spare time on social media, so it has become very important for companies to engage with their customers through social media; this being said, companies also need to have a proper plan or strategy to gain customers through social media. 

17 Ways to Acquire New Customers Through Social Media

Investments in Social Advertisements

Investing in social ads is a good way to attract a large mass of the population. To make your ads attractive to customers, you need some investment. Now every big social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat offers paid advertisements. So with more investment, you can increase your traffic on your channel. 

It is advised that to make the most of your investments, try to promote your free offers because customers generally don’t hesitate to check the free ads, and in this way, you can increase your product views and can get new customers to whom you can potentially sell your product in the future.

For Example, Big MNCs like Amazon, Flipkart, Trivago, and promote their products through ads on various social media platforms.

Using images to receive customers’ attention

This is a strategy that many companies are following nowadays. In marketing, innovative images speak better than words. People can just look at the picture and can understand what you are trying to imply through that picture.

It is often found that people overlook long-written content. In such a scenario it is better to promote your product via an image with some writing on it. In this way, you can post your ads which will look attractive and will save time for the viewers. With more and more sharing of the image, your channel’s traffic will increase, and you will get more subscribers.

Forming partnerships with Influencers

Influencers are always a great help for the promotion of a product, be it a social media influencer or a celebrity influencer. We often see celebrities promote a company’s product through ads on social media. They provide proof of the advantages or adequacy of a product. 

An influencer with a large number of followers gets lucrative contracts from companies as they can attract a large mass of the population to like the product, and thus the goal of the company to leverage customers is fulfilled. 

For Example, Lindsey Pelas, a social media influencer, often promotes Bang Energy Drink on Instagram. Demi Rose, another social media influencer, promotes FashionNova on Instagram. Kylie Jenner, a celebrity influencer, promotes her brand Kylie Cosmetics, through Facebook and Instagram.

Post engaging content.

The content you are posting for the promotion of your product, that content has to be interesting and engaging. If your content lacks creativity and seems somewhat boring to people, then you will not get many subscribers.

Say, while promoting an ayurvedic cream, if you write a 500-word essay, then people will lose interest in your product as most of the viewers will not read and will skip your post, and in this process, you will lose many customers.

Instead, you can use a few proverbs or use some catchy words and give a picture of your product with it. In this way, you can keep your content short and interesting, which will garner many new customers.

Get User-friendly

A user-friendly interface always helps customers to visit the company’s website in order to check its products or purchase them. A complicated or tedious procedure of sighting products can often make customers avoid your posts. 

For Example, Shopping apps like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon have easy and cool interfaces. It provides one-step buying facilities.

Posting ads according to the user’s choice.

You should post on the basis of the user’s interest. It means that if a user is looking to buy furniture, then he should get furniture ads only. If someone is searching for headphones, then he should only get ads for headphones on social media.

For Example: On Facebook, you see ads for products that you recently searched on the internet. If you are searching for admission to foreign universities on google, then on Facebook, you see ads for various foreign universities that are open for admission.

Similarly, if you are searching to buy mobile phones on the internet, then when you switch to your Facebook account then you see ads for mobile phones from Amazon and Flipkart.

Good Customer Service

Providing excellent services to customers has always been one of the primary goals of a company. If a company has a very good customer service facility, then the buyers will feel confident in buying its product knowing that if there are any issues with the product, then the company is there to help them out.

It is highly recommended to have a feedback box on your website page so that if your customer has any positive or negative views regarding the product, they can express them freely. And if there is negative feedback, then it should be dealt with seriously.

For Example, Apple is known for the amazing customer service it produces. They only employ highly intellectual people who have proper knowledge about their products, thus properly understanding what the problem of their customers is so they can engage with them properly.

Promoting products on suitable social media platforms.

You always have to have proper knowledge about the product you are selling and should know your targeted population. You also should know which social media platforms you should invest in promoting your products.

A company that sells vegetables online must not promote its products on Linkedin, or health-related products must not be promoted on Facebook. So it is always recommended to promote products on suitable social media platforms.

For Example, Most of the top MNCs like Deloitte, HSBC, TCS, etc., give ads for their jobs on Linkedin. So a person who is in search of corporate jobs can take the help of Linkedin.

Be informative about your product.

Buyers always want to be very sure about the products that they are buying. So in order to satisfy its customers, the company should provide brief information about the product they are selling. Such content should be brief and engaging.

There are many ways in which a company can be informative about its product. One way is by hiring celebrities to promote the product through ads speaking out about the vital features of the product. In this way, the information can be both precise and interesting. 

For Example, Olx, which sells electronic items, various types of furniture, cars, bikes, etc., provides essential details of their products so that the buyer has full assurance and knowledge of the product that they are buying.

Giving out exciting offers on purchases.

People are always attracted to gifts and offers. So companies can always take benefit from this behavioral aspect of humans. Offers like ‘buy one get one, ‘cashback of $5 on the purchase of a product, and many others always attract buyers.

These type of offers mostly attracts teenagers and people of age groups 18 – 35. And through surveys, it is found that most people of this age group use their free time on social media platforms. So companies can promote themselves and attract customers through such offers with the help of such platforms.

For Example, Travel Agencies like Thomas and Cook and American Express bestow exciting tour packages during a certain period of the year. Also, we see various deals on shopping apps like Amazon, Myntra, etc.

Using hashtags and keywords.

Using hashtags, keywords, and taglines in your post highlights your post. If you use cool hashtags, then it will attract more people to view your post, helping the traffic in your channel to increase.

For Example: On Instagram, we very often see people promoting a product using hashtags and cool taglines. Similarly, on Facebook, also we see such policies adopted by companies to increase traffic.

Holding Social Media Contests.

We have seen the popularity of reality shows in recent times. Millions of contestants participate in such shows. Similarly, contests can be held on social media as well. Such contests attract a large number of people and will increase the traffic in your channel, helping your company to grow.

For Example, Expedia once held a photoshoot on social media where the best travel photos got a $250 voucher. Similarly, Dream 11 holds contests to make your sports team where the person who makes the best team wins exciting prizes.

Timely Posting

Another way to keep the traffic on your channel is by posting timely. You need to maintain a proper gap between the two posts or advertisements. To do this, you can maintain a timetable or a schedule for your posts.

If you post too frequently, then your customers can get irritated and can unsubscribe from your page. If you are very late in your posts, then your customer can forget you. So to keep them engaging, you need to post regularly but not too frequently.

For Example: On YouTube, you will see companies post ads following a time pattern, or you can see streamers streaming at a specific time and other YouTubers posting videos keeping a proper time gap between two videos.

Tracking activities of your customers.

In order to do future business planning, you need to understand the behavioral pattern of your customers. For this, it is very important to keep track of the activities of customers toward your product. 

By doing this, you can analyze things that went wrong and could, rectify them, and take them into consideration while making future marketing plans.

Providing proof of your product.

Another way to ensure the trust of people in your product is by giving proof of your product. The best way you can provide proof is by showing the reviews of the product that you are selling. 

People generally look at the review of the people who have already purchased and used the product. And on the basis of reviews given, they make the choice of buying. So if you want to add new customers to your list then it is recommended to show the reviews of your product as proof of the quality of your product. If the review of certain products is very good, then it can also be used as a tagline in your advertisement.

For Example, We often see big production houses like Warner Bros. and Fox Star Studios review their a film on social media. Such type of reviews helps people to decide whether to go to cinema halls or not. Also, if you have good reviews of your film, then you can use them to promote your film.

Building your trust and ensuring security for your customers.

Building the trust of your customers is one of the very important goals for every company. In this digital world, where there are so many digital crimes, one very easily loses faith in you.

 In order to maintain the trust of your customer, you need to provide them with smooth and simple transaction facilities, maintain their privacy with your customer, stop asking unnecessary questions, and keep your customer’s details safe and hidden.

Providing buyers with relevant but non-business information.

While promoting your product, don’t just write everything related to business in your post. Try to give informative, non-business information that is related to your business indirectly.

Say, if you are promoting a fitness brand, then don’t just say about the usefulness of that product; instead, you can say about the advantages of staying healthy and fit in general.

For Example, Martell Home Builders, who is a Canadian Homebuilding Enterprise, always uses relevant, non-business information as a tool of marketing to attract customers.


As social media has become a great platform for companies to promote their product, there will be many more competitors in the future. Also tools of social media are also evolving with time. So, companies should always adjust to the up-gradation of the process and find new ways to promote their products on social media. 

The main objective of the company will always be to increase traffic on its channel and to get new customers. Above mentioned will definitely help them to achieve their goal. Firstly, have strong content, then, invest in that content, then take the help of influencers to promote your product. After having your customers find ways to keep them and add new customers to the list.

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