How To Get Clients From Pinterest:8 Useful Ways

Pinterest is a visual platform where you can share images and videos. This platform was established in the year 2009. With over 360M users, it is becoming one of the most popular social media applications.

On this platform, you can promote cosmetics items, Gadgets, fashion items, etc. You can also showcase your photography skills here. Many top interior decorating companies promote their services through this platform.

How can Pinterest help acquire more customers?

  • Many people are on this platform following their favorite brands.
  • Pinterest provides many images to the users, thus providing many options to buy from.
  • Easy to use and easy to buy products through Pinterest.
  • Good idea and a place to follow competitors’ actions to get clients. 

How to acquire more clients From Pinterest.

Post good Images

As Pinterest is a visual social media platform, posting attractive images significantly promotes your product. 

Good, attractive, and innovative images increase traffic on your channel and will increase your number of followers.

For Example: Under Armour pins high-quality images on its official page. They have a total of 5.1M monthly viewers and a total of 158k followers on Pinterest.

Give priority to the time of posting.

It is found that if you post at certain times, then your posts get maximum views and shares. So it is very important to maintain your time of posts. 

Always try to post at peak hours when most of your followers are active. This way, you can increase your engagement and can also increase your clients.

Post Frequently

So, by now, you got a fair idea about the time of your posts. Now the next question is, 

How many do you need to post every day? 

It has been found that to have more followers and prospects here, you need to be very consistent in your pins.

Keep one thing in mind, don’t just repin other’s content. Also, don’t pin all your 40-50 pins in a span of 30mins. Try to dispense the pins all through the day. This will help you in increasing engagement on your page and also help you in gaining many new clients.

For Example, Kylie Cosmetics is an American cosmetic brand. They remain very active on Pinterest and post many pins regularly. Though they have followers of only 67k, they are increasing at a brisk pace.

Connect this account with your other accounts on Social Media

One of the biggest advantages of creating an account on Pinterest is that you can connect your Pinterest account to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

If your Pinterest account is linked with your other accounts on other social media platforms, you will get easy followers through your existing followers on other social media networks.

Use of Newsletter to share Pins

Sharing pins by using newsletters helps your followers to find your pins. If you share a couple of pins through your newsletter and then direct your followers to your Pinterest account, your followers will not find your latest pins difficult.

With such feasibility and easiness of finding pins, you can easily reach a large number of audiences, which helps you engage more with people and helps you with your subscription.

Connecting with your existing followers and replying to comments

If you engage with your followers, there is a better chance that you will get more followers in the future. 

Just like you add comments on other social media platforms, on Pinterest, you can also comment and reply to your customer’s query. This will help you in building a strong relationship with your customers.

Also, if you reply to your customers and engage with them more often, your company’s image in front of your customer enhances, and your customer service facilities reach new heights.

Follow popular boards and engage with them.

This is one of the best ways to gain easy followers. Following popular boards not only increases your follower list, but also you can learn a lot from these big brands. 

What to learn from these big boards?

  • How do these big boards connect or reach their audiences?
  • What do they pin?
  • How do they develop their boards?
  • What policies are they adopting to acquire new customers?

Also, if you follow your competitors, you also know about your audiences. After all, they are the ones you will sell your products to. By knowing about your competition, you can formulate future strategies to reach higher goals.

Incorporate Rich Pins

This is a unique feature that is only available on 

Pinterest. With the help of Rich Pins, you can attract a large audience to your channel.

  • What are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are organic pins that enhance your context and add more extra details to your pins. It also gets updated if any change occurs on the website these pins come from.

Studies show that brands that take advantage of Rich Pins report an 85% increase in their repin/pin ratio. That’s how important it is to use Rich Pins in your posts.

For Example, Top Retail Brands like Walmart Inc. and Target Corporation use Rich Pins on their pins to increase engagement and attract more clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pinterest have the feature of selling items directly?

Yes, you can. But this method is not followed by top brands. Instead, they send their customers to their official store or website to buy items.

Do I need to pin regularly?

If you are relatively new to the business, then it is yes. You need to pin regularly.

Is promoting my good using only characters in pins a good option?

No, it is not a good option. As Pinterest is a visual platform you should use images in each of your pins. You can use a few characters for caption purposes or details regarding your product, but you shouldn’t use only characters in your pins.


Though Pinterest is not as much as popular as Instagram or Facebook, it very well serves your purpose of promoting your product and acquiring new customers. The craze of Pinterest is also growing with each passing day. People are engaging more on Pinterest.

Over the years, many alterations on Pinterest have garnered many more new users. If you want to use Pinterest as your brand’s platform for acquiring customers and promoting your product, you are good to go.

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