How To Get Clients From Linkedin: 11 Ways

LinkedIn is an American Social Media conglomerate that provides employment services. With over 670M users, mostly between 18-49 (around 65%), it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. 

Today, many businesses use LinkedIn to promote their company and try to leverage as many clients as they can.

Why should you choose LinkedIn?

  • More engagement of people on LinkedIn nowadays.
  • It helps your company to promote itself in a very professional and systematic way.
  • LinkedIn helps you to find your specific customers in specific areas.
  • It helps you to build an employee-employer relationship in a professional way.

How to get clients on LinkedIn:

Set up a professional profile

LinkedIn is primarily an employment-oriented online service and is not like other Social Platforms that people use in their daily life to interact with people. 

The profile buildup on LinkedIn should be very professional in order to attract quality clients to you. 

If you are a lesser-known entity in the market, then it is only through your profile that clients will know about you will, interact with you, and will like to work with you. So, be very professional while building up your profile.

For Example: If you see the profile of Microsoft on LinkedIn, you will notice how professionally it has been set up. You need to follow a pattern like that when making a profile for your own company.

Identify your target audience

Identifying your prospects is very important in acquiring potential clients at present and in the future. 

How can you do this?

  • Provide a clear objective about what your company wants from its clients.
  • Specify the vacancies that your company currently has for each post or title. For example, vacancies for posts like CEO, Accountant, HR, Sales, etc.
  • Inform your clients about the recruitment process. for your clients.

Once you have specified your client requirement for each post, you can search them using tools like LinkedIn Advanced Search and LinkedIn Groups.

Engagement with every customer

Engaging with your clients builds good relations between you and your clients and promotes the goodwill of your company.

Your clients don’t really expect your “engagement messages.” If you interact with them with texts like “hope to have a great journey ahead”, and “looking forward to working with you”, etc. will help you in building a strong relationship with your clients, and such good behavior will help you in acquiring new customers in the future.

You can use the ” Relationship Tab” created by LinkedIn itself, which will help you to keep your possible clients in a systematic way while sending relationship-building messages.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups helps you to interact with clients of your own domain, i.e., people who want to work in industries like yours. These groups help you in meeting and interacting with your possible clients for the future.

Suppose you have a retail company and you are looking for HRs for your company. For this, you need to add yourself to the top HR groups. There you need to post about the eligibility criteria of your clients. After that, you will get many notifications from clients who are interested in working with you. This way, you can reach a larger group of people and can widen your social circle.

Post strong content

If you want to promote your company through blogs or articles, then do it professionally. You need to write quality and unique content so as to maintain your reputation among your working community. It is very much essential in leveraging clients.

You have the option of delivering your content in the newly introduced LinkedIn platform, known as LinkedIn Pulse. 

What is this platform, LinkedIn Pulse?

  • It is a built-in publishing platform created by LinkedIn where you can publish your blogs for promotional purposes.

Check out the suggestion list

It may happen that you don’t know who to connect with next. If this thing happens, then you need to see your suggestion list or the recommendation list. 

The recommendation list often helps you to generate leads and help you to connect with potential and promising clients.

Connect with those who have previously checked your LinkedIn Account

On LinkedIn, if you have a free account, also known as LinkedIn Basic account, then you can view up to 5 people who have visited your profile or checked your content on LinkedIn Pulse. 

Try to reach out to these people. Who knows, these people may become your future clients. But make sure that you check your account frequently; otherwise, you will miss out on many people. To avoid missing people, you will need a premium account.

Provide Guidance

Having a helpful nature will help you in getting new clients. When you work in companies, you often complain about their behavior or their relationship with employees. 

It is very important to guide your employees or to approach them in a genuine way as it will help you and your company in the long run. Always try to build a good relationship with your employees, and don’t always think about selling your services.

For Example, It is widely known that Google takes great care of its employees and guides them very well. And you know how successful Google is.

Sending “Thanking messages” for accepting your request

Making a positive impression on your client will help you in the future. It works both ways. Employers and Employees both want to leave a positive impression on one another.

After you know that you and your customer have developed a connection, i.e., your client has accepted your connection request, try to thank them with a ‘thank you message.

Meet your online clients in person

Ok, so this is a very important step that you should follow to make your potential customers

Why is it important to know your potential clients online?

  • All the things can’t be discussed online.
  • If you meet the person offline then you will get to know each other better.
  • You can sell your service in a better way if you know the problem with your client. And to know that offline is a better way.

Have Patience

As said earlier, it is very important to build a professional relationship with your customers. The more your relationship is professional the better the chances are that your prospects become your clients.

To build this professional relationship, you have to keep patience. It takes a long time and endured effort to build a strong relationship with your clients. And LinkedIn is a platform where you can build a professional relationship with your prospects easily. If you build your relationship in haste then there is a possibility that you may lose your prospect.

Frequently Asked Questions about acquiring customers from Linkedin.

Is it very important to meet potential clients offline?

It is a better option to meet your prospects offline. It improves the chances that your prospects eventually become your clients.

What should I include in my profile?

-A good profile picture.
-Your Company’s motto.
-A short summary of your firm.
-Your company’s official website.
-Specialties of your company.
-Other important details of your company

Is it a better option to have a premium id?

Yes. If you are promoting your business through LinkedIn then it is advisable to have a premium account.


The evolution of LinkedIn has been great over the years. With new features getting added up, you need to utilize these new features to full effect so that you can acquire more clients.

If you are very professional about your work (which you should be), then LinkedIn is the best option you have on the internet. Here you can be very professional about your work and also be very friendly to your prospects. Optimize this amazing platform for generating potential leads and help your company grow.

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