Why Customer Leave the Company: 45 Reasons to Check

The Customer is a king for every business. If you do not satisfy your king, then he will leave you.

There are many things we can say that highly impact any brand’s reputation, is bad Reviews from unhappy Customers.

How you behave and respond to their complaints makes your customers unhappy. Customer service has always been an important part of developing brand loyalty. If we invest a small fortune in attracting new customers, how should we keep customers coming back for more and ideally?

There are many reasons for losing customers. We should notice on the thing that customers never tell you about their problems. They wait for you to approach them. If not satisfied, then they will silently go away.

An important reason why company loses their loving customers

why companies loses their loving customers

Not Seen As Individual 

Especially when the market is so competitive, it’s become one of the reasons why the customer decides to leave the company. 

They feel like the company sees them as a faceless and nameless unit of their targeted customers who exist to generate profit for them instead of an individual with unique needs and interests. 

That’s why personalization is so crucial for today’s marketing. And also when you are targeting the customers for your brand. 

According to the studies, it shows that more than 40% of customers are willing to do business when they receive a personalized shopping experience from the brand. 

It also means around 50 % of customers purchase the product they are not interested in initially, and 40% spend more. 

They Are Not Into Your Products

It’s common for businesses to lose their customers now and then. It depends on different factors, but losing interest is one of them. 

If you are not giving them the attention to understand what they are looking for, they end up stopping being interested in the brand. Also, it leads to losing interest. 

So it’s important that they have an engaging experience at every point of their customer journey. With this, they get interested in products or services which are new to them. 

The Communication Is Getting Bad 

Well, getting caught up with how often you communicate with the customers, a lot of times you overlook whether or not having specific ways to communicate with them are effective or not is common. 

For example, there are around 60 % of people who are 55 years old or more value face-to-face or print communication, whereas millennials prefer communication via texting and email. 

A Lot of customers prefer to know about new products on social media, whereas others need a detailed invoice in printed form after they make the purchase. 

That’s why it’s important to have the right communication, so they are connected with the brand; when it starts to get worse, your customer leaves the brand.

Not Having A Better Customer Screening 

Profit is important for the business; however, if it’s driven completely by it, this leads to not having an effective customer screening. 

When the company doesn’t have a customer screening, you end up accepting any customers regardless of how they are. 

Not every time customers are going to be responsible and polite. They can be abusive, labor initiative, and cheap, which wreaks the workplace, lead to frustrating employees, and disrupts the culture. 

When this happens, it affects those customers who are actually good for your brand and respect. They start to leave as they don’t want to associate themselves with such brands. 

The Prices Are Improper 

A price that is not according to what you offer is also why customers drop buying from the brand. 

If your product is too expensive, it will push the potential customer; if the price is too low, you won’t be able to profit from it. 

Brands use the interest to pressure the customers by offering new options, but it’s important not to offend the existing customer as if they don’t get the same deals as new customers. 

Not Having Customer – Brand Relationship 

Customers also bond with the brand through emotions; it also affects forming the relationship with emotions, especially if they are interacting with them for a long time. 

So if you are not forming one with your customer, and in case it gets broken, this can make your customers leave the company as they don’t feel anything that bonds with customers. 

Not Understanding The Attitude Of Customer 

Many businesses believe that they are offering customer service, which is great, but in reality, they are not. 

Therefore, it’s important that you seek feedback from your customers. This helps in understanding the attitude of the customers. 

You also need to do the surveys and reach out to the customers to understand what’s going on in their minds. 

They Don’t Remember You 

The next thing that might be the reason behind why they leave the brand is that they don’t remember when they signed up for it. This mostly happens when you fail to communicate and have a long gap with no interaction. 

It causes an out-of-sight and out-of-mind situation, especially when the market is competitive, and they are all into getting the attention of the customers. 

Commuting them once in a blue moon will not form any kind of relationship. Eventually, they will forget and leave. 

Not Being Available For Them 

There are a lot of times when companies don’t pay attention to their customers, leaving them on their own and making it difficult to get in touch with them. 

When you don’t make yourself available to them, the customers lose their interest and leave the brand. 

Having Wrong Staffs 

To brands with more face-to-face interactions with their customers, especially in the retail industry, it’s important that you pay attention to the staff. 

Since they represent your brand and it depends on how your customers will react or lead, keeping the staff on point is crucial, so the customers don’t have to face any problems. 

Also, if you don’t have the right staff, this also affects the customer journey. 

Taking Too Much Time To Respond 

According to the research, one-third of customers leave because their issues do not get resolved on time or addressed on time. 

Maintaining that you respond to them on the same day, it’s important that you keep it straight. 

So if the brand takes too much time to respond to the customers and address their problems, this causes frustration and is one reason you might lose them. 

Having Excessive Bureaucracy 

Well, different companies have their rules and policies. However, your customers don’t care about that. Especially to those who are slow or forced to jump through hoops. 

They simply look for great services and get their problems fixed. While having a reasonable structure is important, don’t make it complex for your customers and keep the business simple. 

You Are Over Promising And Under Delivering 

One of the worst things that you can do is promise your customs to approve the outcome but not deliver it. 

Sometimes brands offer promises which can be over the top and end up not delivering and making it worse. 

The customers don’t want the overpromise; having the focus on delivering what you said is enough. 

When you don’t do that, it breaks the trust, and customers don’t feel comfortable doing the shopping with you. 

Business Is Not Consistent 

Just like life, the business also needs consistency to build trust. Also, it helps in making the customer rely on you. 

But when the brand doesn’t do it, it leads to breaking trust and relationships. This makes them leave the company and also makes your brand look bad.

Having Aggressive Tactics In Sales 

The old trick of dragging the customer via the sales process and strong-arming them to make the purchase only worked because they didn’t have any other ways to buy it. 

It’s important that you don’t use aggressive tactics for today’s buyers. You need to learn what they need and back off so they can ask questions. Give them time along with information, so they make their decisions. 

Having Rude And Impolite Employees

Having employees who are rude to your customers and impolite when they answer is also a reason why they are not making the purchase anymore. 

Having Such employees as your brand’s representative gives your brand the wrong image. Also, people don’t get the answer they were looking for, and when they feel unsatisfied, they don’t do business with you anymore. 

You Don’t Have Multi-Channel Support 

It’s important that you have multi-channel support. Different companies use the phone and email, one of the most frequently used channels. 

But there are more ways by which you can provide support to the customer when they need it. 

They expect to get in touch with the brand via online forms, support, live chat, social media networks, and SMS.

When you are not offering such options, it’s making it difficult to get in touch with customer support.

Not Learning From Negative Feedback 

Well, for the brands, it’s important to pay attention to the feedback that they get from customers. 

But it’s important to pay attention to the negative feedback too. As Bill Gates says, the most unhappy customers are the greatest source that can help you in learning more. 

So it’s important that you approach them with the right attitude; you can get great value for the business. 

They are the worst crisis as they are not happy and telling you where you need improvement but still hold an interest in doing business. 

Not Offering Reasons To Return 

The customers need reasons to return and purchase one more time. It’s important for you to give them a reason for that. 

This is why it’s crucial to have a reward system for those customers, as it leads to creating loyalty among them. 

Adding the wow factor can help in boosting the business. And also help you in attracting more customers to your business. 

You do Not appreciate Their Loyalty. 

If you have a number of people leaving the business, it can be the reason that you appreciate their loyalty to your brand. 

According to research, around 62% of customers feel that the brands to which they are loyal are not rewarding them. Also, that makes them feel less appreciated and makes them less valuable. 

That’s why you should pay attention to those customers who have been doing business with you for a really long time. 

You Are Lying 

It’s important for brands to form a relationship with their customers, and the biggest factor that plays a crucial role is honesty. 

So when you are not being honest, it breaks the trust and makes your brand look less reliable. 

Also, around 91% of customers value the honesty of the companies they are purchasing products and services from. 

So if there is an issue with delivery next time, it’s better to be honest instead of lying and promising false. 

Not Valuing Their Effort And Time

No people out there have free time as they have a lot of things that they need to pay attention to. Same as you, their time has value, too and as a brand, you need to be appreciative of it. 

Also, 66% of customers feel that the company doesn’t value their time. Also, it’s important that the company needs to pay attention to its services. 

Not Having Clear Contact Information 

When you are looking to keep your brand seem trustworthy and relabel for the customers, you should add all the information and make it clear how they can connect with you. 

When the customer doesn’t have it, it makes them suspicious and skeptical in a lot of ways. So they feel like doing business with someone who is much easier to communicate with. 

Having Difficult Access

Around 75% of customers feel that it takes too much time to reach a live person when they are on chat or phone customer support. 

Having human touch can help you in building trust. Also, it’s better for solving the problems and confusion of your customers. But when you don’t offer it, it makes it difficult to get the solution in time. 

Not Solving The Issue Fast 

There 25% of consumers end up switching to different brands because they are tired of being on hold when they interact with customer support. 

The brand needs to focus on providing the solution as fast as it can be possible. There are different ways that can help you if the solution is not on time; it’s better to stay in touch, so they know you are looking for it. 

Ignoring On Social Media 

Social media is important for the customer and brand relationship, so ignoring that factor can affect your numbers. 

66% of global customers expect to get a response on media within 24 hours, according to the global state of multichannel customer service report.

Not Having Live Chat Support 

Live support is important and can help deal with problems and address issues in real time. 

When you don’t offer live chat to your customer, it makes it difficult to get a solution and leads to extra pressure on your customer support. 

Not just that, it’s important for online businesses to know what causes problems to their customers, so they don’t leave in the middle of their customer journey. 

Not Having Mobile Customer Service 

Mobile becomes one of the integral parts when you are looking to provide a smooth experience to customers. 

There are a lot of people who are using their phones to access your brand website. 

So it’s crucial that you offer customer support to mobile users. It makes it easier to access for them.

Your Employees Lack Knowledge

Your employees are an important part of how your costumes will see your brand, so it’s crucial that they know what the business is about and the right way of solving the issue. 

When they don’t have the information and knowledge regarding the subject, it leads to customers’ irritation. 

Restricting The Hours Of Operations 

There is a high chance that your restriction on your operation hours is pushing the customers to the competitor side. Since you are not available when they need it, they have to pick someone else. 

For example, if the coffee shop only stays open until 3 -m or the bakery shop is closed for months, it will affect the numbers of customers you have. 

Having Unprofessional Vibe 

Customers feel like they are dealing with a bunch of unprofessionals who don’t know how to handle the situation and deal like professionals. They will move to another option. 

That’s why professionalism is important; it goes the same for appearance. It can be the employee‘s appearance to how your website looks. 

Having a Complex Return Policy 

Making it difficult for customers to return their purchases can be the reason why they don’t want to purchase anymore. 

If you have too many complex rules, hidden fees, and complex processes, this makes your customer feel tired, and they don’t want to purchase the next time. 

Selling Shading Items 

It’s important to look at what you are offering your customers. The product and services should have trustworthiness and value. If you are selling something which is not what you promised, it makes your customers automatically choose some other brand.


Cheating Your Customer 

Nothing is worse than feeling like you got scammed by the brand. The buyers have invested their time and money, and along with that, they put their trust in your company. 

So cheating them with what you promised, like not attending to their calls, not responding, charging extra money, etc., will lead to losing customers. 

Hidden Charges Or Terms & Conditions 

Being over-smart will lead you to lose potential customers. It goes for hiding the fees or terms or conditions from your customer when they are purchasing from you. 

It’s important that you have everything clear before they make the purchase, so the customers and you are on the same page. 

Not Treated well 

Well, the Treatment of Customers is the basic thing for any company. Well begun is half done. If you have handled each and every question asked by the Customers will lead to success.

The treatment they receive at the point of sale, how a service is delivered, or during the after-sales support. For customers who don’t make contact, the company gets no opportunity to sort out their problems and recover their loyalty.

Not satisfied with Product or Service

A product or service is the ultimate thing to attract customers and win their hearts of it. Customer service is not just about resolving complaints and fixing problems.

It has a much deeper impact on your relationship with the clients.

It shows that the customer has hope in your company and wants you to sort out things for him.

But when the complaining gets too frequent, it signals the customer’s increasing frustration.

Started Business with Your Competitors

In many ways, clients give us the single of leaving us by giving an example of your Competitors. We should learn the hidden meaning of it.

When a client repeatedly cites examples of how the other companies are doing a better job, alarm bells should start ringing.

Loyal customers keep you on your toes in terms of your product or service standards, but they never give you the impression that they’re leaving.

Seek alternatives

Clients’ needs are uncountable. We have to fit our products with its need for proper discussion.

Sometimes clients demand a product that is not in our catalog and then assumes that the client has lost interest in your product or services and believes they are not worth using even at a discounted rate.

This usually happens when a client remains disengaged from your services for a long time, either because of poor product performance or a bad service experience.

Move Away

Sometimes the customers move to another area where the particular product’s market is good. This way, a client will move away from you.

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